Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The new year has gotten off to a brisk start. Brisk as in chilly. As I was driving to work this morning, my car thermometer read 37°, with the sun shining, no less. Yesterday my assistant and I, the skeletal crew back from break, shivered in our office without any heat. We surmised that in these days of budget austerity, the heat wasn’t going to be turned on until next Monday when the students are back for the start of spring semester. For my faculty meeting this morning, I brought a space heater from home, along with a fruit platter, bagels, and muffins – if faculty members are willing to meet before the start of the semester, I figured I’d better keep them comfortable and plied with coffee and food.

I wouldn’t say other processes are coming along briskly, but at least there’s movement in the right direction. After being run around a bureaucratic maypole for the past month trying to get Dana-Farber to send my Thanksgiving time test results to my USC doctor and me, I got an email saying they put my records in the mail, with an apology for the long delay. United refunded not only the fee they charged when I had to change my return flight home from Boston, but also refunded the increase in the new ticket price I had to pay for my rebooked flight, nearly $500. (I had submitted a letter from Dana-Farber to substantiate that I had medical reasons for not flying on my originally-scheduled flight, and Akemi said, “Wow, Mom, what did Dr. Treon say in his letter?”) And I expect to finally talk with Dr. Treon about his recommendations for my short-term and longer-term treatment this week.

Walking on campus tonight on my way home in the “Yukon Express” cold Alaskan air was invigorating. Feeling like I am getting closer to knowing what’s in store for me was encouraging.

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