Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011

This morning’s damp early-morning chill had me reaching for a sweater and finally believing that fall was arriving. Driving home from stake choir practice – finishing touches for tomorrow’s 75th anniversary celebration and stake center rededication – I relished the thought of taking advantage of the heavy cloud cover to spend the day in the garden.

Since I’m speaking in tomorrow’s ceremony and the whole day will require high energy, I told myself I better not get carried away and overdo it. So I carefully formulated my plan of attack to dismantle the remnants of the summer garden and get a start on the fall vegetables.

By nightfall, the citrus trees were fertilized and trimmed, the new swiss chard and lettuce seedlings were in, and my trug brimmed with the last of the red onions, tomatoes, and carrots. The yellow pear tomatoes this summer were especially valiant, and I regretted taking them down. But the time had come, and tonight I made the last batch of tomato chutney while catching up on the phone with Akemi.

Akemi said yesterday and today were beautiful fall days in Boston – crisp and cool. I just pulled out a blanket from the step tansu and heard the “pop” of the canning jar lids in the kitchen. Nothing can match the fall wonders back east, but I’m happy to make the most of our version here.

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