Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday, September 3, 2012

The mosquitoes are still biting and the air conditioner is still humming, but summer is inexorably drawing to a close.  

Akemi has shipped back to Boston, reluctant to resume her school year schedule.  Her final hurrah at home on Saturday was to enjoy her friend Whitney’s wedding.  As thanks for her help with the wedding prep, the bride’s mother sent us home with these beautiful flowers.  I studied how the floral designer incorporated into these centerpieces so many shades of purple, au courant as a wedding color, even using purple basil.

Akemi’s summer was punctuated by four, count ‘em, four, weddings.  But for all the anticipation leading up to each wedding, her days of folding origami favors, putting away chairs, and taking photos are now over, at least for this round.   She emailed me tonight as she was leaving her violin teacher’s studio orientation meeting, reporting with dismay that she has a scale class Wednesdays at 8 am.  A scale class at any time is bad enough, but to have to leave the house before 7 am for one. . .major ouch.

In June, my next treatment seemed so far away, and yet here it is, Rituxan time again.  Tonight I’m back in my little drill, putting food in the fridge, packing my bag for the day at the hospital.  I’ve already put a sweater out; the temps are expected to be close to 100° tomorrow, but the day clinic will be cold.  As soon as I finish this, I’m heading for bed to get a good night’s sleep, with one last glass of water to drink.  In June, I sluffed off the preparations and went in tired and dehydrated.  That was not good, and I knew better.  It’s a major ouch anyway, but why not do everything possible to make the day go as well as it can?

Bookends on the summer, my friend Rituxan. 

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