Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A quick report that Day 2 of Bortezomib was far more pleasant than Day 2 of Cladribine+Rituxan in September. No fever or “night sweats” last night and I woke up this morning feeling remarkably normal. So I hopped into dean clothes and put in a long, hectic, productive day at the office.

I’m so glad that I put off starting this treatment for two weeks and ended up with a month of “reprieve.” I have felt so much stronger these past couple of weeks and think I am much better off having regained some normalcy before going into this next chemo stretch.

My platelets fell but are still in the normal range. My white blood count is in the tank, but that’s just the way that is going to be. Most everything else stabilized or is pretty close to normal. So my doctor was pretty pleased to have such a hardy patient.

The treatment schedule is Tuesday/Friday/Tuesday/Friday, with one week off, for a total of four cycles until the first week of January. Could have two to four more after that; we’ll see.

I’ve also been a busy beaver walking the USC Norris Hospital corridors to get my records together to send to Dana-Farber: biopsy slides and sample from pathology, CT scans from radiology, lab reports and chart info from medical records. And lining up my family members to participate in the study on the hereditary links in Waldenstrom’s families.

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