Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Dana-Farber doctor called today. The biopsy he did shows a reduction in the lymphoma infiltration of my bone marrow down to 5%, which he characterized as a “fantastic result” to the September and October drugs. They also see evidence of normal platelet production. That's the good news.

The question that he says remains complicated and unanswered is why my platelet count has fallen and remains relatively low, if neither the lymphoma nor the chemo is causing that. Something is “gobbling up” platelets.

The theory he now wants to test out is that I could be producing an antibody that attaches to the platelets and that my spleen is “taking them out.” He is having my USC doctor repeat a test and run a new test and then will have her try giving me an immunoglobulin to see if that increases my platelet count.

He said the results of all the tests I had back there don’t add up yet and that he wants to get a better handle on this mysterious platelet story before they talk about whether I need more chemo at this point.

So now I’ll see when my USC doctor wants to run these additional tests.

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  1. So...if the platelet-eating monster turns out to be your spleen, will they take it out? I guess you are likely to find things like this out soon. But I am kind of rejoicing a little over here knowing that you can live pretty happily ever after without a spleen, and hoping the final answer turns out to be something that simple.