Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Believe me, this is a beautiful sight.  

One frosty morning about, oh, five years ago  (but who is counting?), I turned on the shower, going about the get-ready routine, when I heard a "splat" which sounded on the floor nearby me.  I looked down to see what looked -- and smelled -- like a handful of moist disintegrated drywall.  I looked up to see a section of my bathroom ceiling collapsing in a soggy mess.  Hurriedly, I turned off the shower, and less hurriedly, at a more decent hour, called Dave, my trustworthy contractor.  

He fixed the plumbing leak and asked me what I wanted to do about the drywall repair.  "Just leave it," as I recognized this was the leak that broke the camel's back, the sign from heaven, or whatever  you wanted to call it, that tuition bills notwithstanding, I could not put off remodeling the master bath any longer.  I started gathering ideas, but didn't get very far.  Let's just say we were a little busy around here with Akemi's senior year in high school.

That summer after she graduated, though, as soon as I got back from the month at Bryn Mawr for the HERS Institute, I did work on the bathroom remodel plans in earnest.  With input from my home design team reassembled from the successful kitchen remodel -- Donald, Pam, and Janet -- I decided on a plan, actually bought some items, and had other supplies lined up.  I was on Dave's calendar to start construction right after Labor Day, once Akemi had shipped off to college.

My fall not only messed up my leg; it also messed up the bathroom plans.  You'll recall one thing lead to another, and with the WM diagnosis and long-term treatment, everything else was put into suspended animation.

This past summer, I regrouped on the bathroom ideas, rethought the plan, and revisited the "look."  Dave started demolition this past week.  We're discovering the to-be-expected glitches along the way, but! we are most definitely underway.  

Last Sunday Akemi and I were Skyping when Dave called to firm up the start plans, so she heard firsthand the discussion.  That's good, because I don't think she would have believed it otherwise.

So this is evidence that there is no turning back now.    My only hope is that we're wrapped up before she comes home for Christmas.

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