Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I came home yesterday with sand still in my shoe.  I happen to love this, especially when it is Cape Cod sand.  The sand came from the Thanksgiving day walk which Akemi and I took on the beach in Falmouth, Massachusetts.  Akemi snapped this and other photographic momentos of another relaxing, enjoyable holiday at the Cape with the extended Green clan.

She and I returned to Boston to honor some other Thanksgiving weekend traditions we’ve developed beginning with her freshman year.  There’s the 40%-off-everything-in-the-Cambridge-Ann-Taylor-store-sale, Saturday dinner with her friends in Harvard Square, church in her Cambridge University Ward, and a Sunday home-cooked dinner, this year with a lemon cake for her birthday. 

For me, the trip also included my third visit to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  I expected Dr. Treon to be pleased about the results of this past year’s treatment, and he did not disappoint.   What I am getting my head around is that treatment at this stage is not just about beating the Waldenstrom’s back; it’s also about keeping it at bay.  He’s therefore recommending I continue the maintenance Rituxan regime another year, to spring  2014.  Big sigh; I was hoping to be “done” for a while. Until there’s a cure, the best I can hope for is ongoing treatment which forestalls a relapse. 

I came home with another visit’s worth of notes on new drugs coming out of clinical trials and more positive reinforcement in living well the immune-compromised life.  I came home to substantial progress with the bathroom reconstruction.  Like the sand clinging to the bottom of my shoe as a reminder of a cherished good time, I’m focusing on the prospect of more Rituxan and drywall dust not as much as annoyances, but as promises of good things to come.

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